AWS Employees Fill it Forward at their AKO Conference ​

Client Success Story: AWS AKO

With sustainability top of mind at AWS’ Amazon Kick Off event, each attendee was encouraged to choose a bottle affiliated with one of the three partnering charities AWS had chosen to partner with; charity:water, WaterAid and DigDeep.

A total of 19,000 bottles were distributed during this 5 day event, with attendees helping to complete 3 clean water projects. Post-event, ongoing engagement from attendees has continued to provide support and momentum to each charity partner’s initiatives. These funds are supporting clean water projects based in Northern Bangladesh (charity: water), Bugulula, Tanzania (WaterAid) and Najavo, USA (DigDeep). Each regional project funded has helped to complete different components of each region’s goals which include charity: water’s school-based water tap systems, WaterAid’s rainwater harvesting system storage tank, and DigDeep’s water cistern and solar power for American homes.

Fill it Forward had an Activation Hub on site to help promote reuse at AWS’ event, which allowed for more direct engagement and discussion with event attendees on AWS’s charitiable and sustainability goals.

Overall, the program helped a significant number of AKO attendees to understand how their collective impact of diverting waste and reusing can make a lasting impact during the event, and to three separate regions.

“Fill it Forward’s integration into our event proved to be such an impactful venture. There was so much commentary in the hallways and provided back about how necessary it is to create an environment that encourages giving back, and raising awareness, and supports conscious efforts towards sustainability. We’re very thankful to have had your team onsite, bringing focus and impact to this very important messaging.” 

Stephanie Tranquille, Sr. Program Manager, Global Sales Events

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