Together, Let's Return to Reuse: A Message from Our Founder

Hello Friend,

Today, we are asking for your help to spread the message that it’s time to return to reuse.

On our journey to inspire the world to reuse, we have seen the power of the Fill it Forward community time and time again. Together, we have eliminated 5,000,000+ single-use plastics from our oceans and landfills while funding 321 water projects globally through generous acts of individuals and organizations. 

As a global community that cares deeply about people and the planet, we were making so much progress leading into 2020. Yet over the past year, billions of single-use plastic items and PPE have been sent to landfill and ended up in our oceans, amplified by the pandemic at a rapid pace. This has been well documented in news reports around the world. Personally, I see reminders of our impact everywhere I go: single-use masks in parking lots, more plastic bags stuck in trees, and single-use plastics flooding our water systems.

With new and innovative reuse models emerging around the world – and plastics bans gaining momentum – we were finally hitting a tipping point towards sustainable action. But when COVID hit we started to see a dark cloud emerging around reuse, as consumers became apprehensive about sharing a water fountain and coffee shops and grocery stores stopped accepting reusable mugs and bags. Since then we have learned that reuse can be done safely and reusing at your local coffee shop or grocery store should be an option for every customer.

At Fill it Forward, we think it’s time that we do something to help get back on track. If you agree, we need your help to amplify the message to inspire action globally. Our ask is simple- please share this message and video with anyone that you think needs to see it. A friend or family member, a local grocery store, or coffee shop, your school, or even the company you work for. Reuse can be done safely and we all play a role to get it back in focus.

If you’re an organization looking to return to reuse we have resources here and our team is always available to help provide the products, technology and resources to help you make an impact.

The planet needs us now more than ever and returning to our good habits is the first step in getting us back on track.

Thank you,

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Matt Wittek
Founder & CEO
Fill it Forward


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