Smart Cupanion Replacement

At Fill it Forward are proud to be a certified B-Corp and stand behind all our reusable products, which come with a Friends for Life Guarantee.

We recently discovered that one of our products – the Smart Cupanion – has a spring that in rare cases can break. Because the spring is so close to the drinking spout we felt that we should notify you as part of the spring could end up in your beverage. The Smart Cupanion was sold from 2014-2021 and the known failure rate to date is less than 0.01%. 

This is very low, but the safety of our products and protecting the well being of our customers is core to who we are at Fill it Forward.

If you still have your Smart Cupanion, we recommend you recycle it, or ship it back to us so we can recycle it. For those that still own their Smart Cupanion we are offering a free replacement program. The replacement program will be available until May 31st, 2022. 

Please complete the form below to participate: