Twitter Fills it Forward at #OneTeam

Client Success Story: Twitter

Twitter’s internal #OneTeam event is scheduled every 18 months and brings together all Twitter employees across the globe. This year’s event, which spanned over three days, took place in Houston, Texas. This was a great opportunity for Tweeps (Twitter employees) to come together as one to celebrate and collaborate their ideas and goals in bettering the organization.

With 4,600 custom bottles in circulation, Tweeps were encouraged to stay hydrated during the event with Houston’s tap water and to help divert 12,600 bottles per day. Through the efforts of every Tweep in attendance, Twitter recieved our Fill it Forward Trailblazer Award, which merits and highlights the diversion of 25,000+ single use bottles. What a feat!

With our clients, we always encourage artistic involvement when it comes to designing and co-branding our Cupanion bottle with both of our brand guidelines in mind. Twitter’s bottle was a unique design in that there were 4 layers of corporate colours that needed to be incorporated and printed onto the bottle. Using these layers along one side of the bottle as the background to the iconic Twitter logo placed on the other side of the bottle made the design very eye-catching.

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