Bloomberg Tackles Waste While Providing Clean Water in Rwanda

Client Success Story: Bloomberg

At the forefront of the transition toward a low-carbon future, Bloomberg is integrating sustainability standards across the company. By finding innovative ways to power its business, lower emissions and reduce waste over the past decade, the company has lessened its environmental impact. Engaging its employees in this effort is a key component of the greater mission. 

On the operations front, Bloomberg has made great progress in reducing emissions through investing in energy-efficient buildings and procuring renewable energy. Waste, although it only makes up less than 1% of Bloomberg’s emissions, is an area that needs to improve — and something that employees can all affect with their daily actions. Although cups are compostable in 18 Bloomberg offices, there is still an environmental impact in producing and disposing of them. Across global operations, Bloomberg employees dispose of thousands of cups a day. This is something the company hopes to change over time, and it starts with individual action.

To help encourage reuse and reduce its’ waste, Bloomberg launched Fill it Forward’s program in 40+ offices around the globe. For the custom program launch, 5,000 Fill it Forward stickers and 1,500 Cupanion bottles were distributed to employees. The response to the program was overwhelming, which indicates that employees have a real interest in reusable solutions. At most offices, the bottles and stickers were already in our employees’ hands; these items disappeared in just a matter of minutes! 


Collective impact based on reuse is adding up just as quickly. In the first 6 weeks since launch, Bloomberg employees have collectively reused over 40,000 times.

Based on employees’ participation in the program, Bloomberg is funding a Piped System Tap Stands project in the Gicumbi District of Rwanda, with Fill it Forward and charity: water. Bloomberg Philanthropies has been proud to support charity: water since 2012 and has worked in Rwanda for over a decade, focused on women’s economic development.

Within the Fill it Forward app, the third phase of the Rwanda project is well on its way. In the app, the Bloomberg-funded Piped System Tap Stands project is broken down into 4 key phases: materials, local staff costs, mobilization, and in-country program support. There are a set number of scans set for each phase that will help to illustrate how reuse contributes to the funding of this project, as employees advance towards an initial goal of 100,000 scans.

 Check out Bloomberg’s tips on how to live more sustainably here.

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