Thompson Rivers University Fills it Forward

Client Success Story: Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has had not only one, but three Fill it Forward programs running on campus.

In partnership with TRU’s Sustainability Office, Fill it Forward has helped the university with their ambitious project and challenge of reducing the number of disposable cups and bottles used on campus by aiming for 20,000 reuses.

The challenge ties into the three spokes that sustainability has evolved into on their campus — environment, people and fiscal responsibility — while lining up with TRU’s recognition as a global leader in sustainability as presented by the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) tracking system.

TRU Fill it Forward

TRU has two colour-coded stickers affiliated with their program —teal for reusable bottles and navy blue for reusable mugs or cups.

“Hopefully, the impact can be lasting. If half the students who participate in our challenge continue to scan their barcodes and continue to use their reusables, then that’s a number of people who have developed a green habit and are not buying a cup when they go to the coffee shop, or aren’t getting a disposable water bottle.” – Canyon Sinclair, Sustainability Ambassador Program Coordinator

Since the program’s launch in 2017, TRU has reached their goal with 20,291 scans as of February 2020.

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Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?


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