UVA Dining is a Green Food Service Trailblazer

Client Success Story: University of Virginia

In a bid to help decrease the amount of single-use items sent to landfills the University of Virginia Dining (operated by Aramark)  made a commitment to sustainability. In conjunction with a campus wide composting program and a commitment to locally sourced food, UVA is one of the first food-service partners to track a mix of reusable bottles, cups, and food containers with Fill It Forward! 

With four green-certified restaurants on campus already working to reduce dining-related waste, the campus expanded their initiatives to include tracking reusable cups, bottles and to-go containers through the Fill it Forward program.

The initiative began small, but participation grew from one location to a cross-campus movement, that rewarded students for remembering and tracking their reuse. This helped educate students while having a direct impact on waste management, keeping their campus green.

As part of their many reuse efforts on campus University of Virgina introduced a deposit program, enhanced by the Fill it Forward experience. Within their deposit program, they were able to track the return of reusable food containers across dining locations, and offered rewards to incentivise students and inspire positive reuse habits. 

Through their campus wide commitment to keeping the planet clean from single-use plastics, they collectively diverted over 25,000 items from our lanfills and oceans, earning them the coveted Trailblazer award. 

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Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?